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Smith's Polyaspartic 5000 - 87% Solids, 30 minute working time

Smith's Polyaspartic 5000 - 87% Solids, 30 minute working time

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Smith’s Polyaspartic 5000 is a High Performance, Low Odor, 87% Solids, 2-Component, Aliphatic Polyaspartic with a gloss finish and a 30 minute working time at 72°F / 50% Humidity.  This product yields a U.V. Stable, hard, resilient and abrasion resistant film with good splash and chemical spill resistance properties. 

Smith’s Polyaspartic 5000 may be used for a variety of applications to include body coats and wear surfaces for commercial, industrial, or residential traffic environments [i.e. high build topcoat over Metallic & Luster floors (>8 mils WFT) or as the body coat mixed with metallic; as a body coat or grout coat (up to 20 mils in a single lift) for Vinyl Chip and Color Quartz systems; as a pigmented grout coat over solid color Smith’s CPR Cementitious Urethane in food processing/production environments, etc.] where low odor, good chemical resistance, durability and color stability is required. 


  • Food & Beverage Floors
    • U.V. Stable Grout Coat good for color stability over broadcast media systems (i.e. Vinyl Chip or Color Quartz)
  • Grout Coats as well as High Build, High Gloss Topcoat for Metallic & Luster floors (>8 mils)
  • Ideal for:
    • Food & Beverage Floors
    • Commercial, Institutional, Retail & Residential environments
    • Pharmaceutical Floors


  • Much lower odor vs. Smith’s Polyaspartic 1000 or Smith’s Polyaspartic 2000
  • Superior Build & Leveling
    • Can achieve a high gloss “epoxy like” finish when applied over a flat, smooth surface at >8 mils
    • May be installed up to 20 mils per lift
  • For Interior & Exterior Use – U.V. Light Stable
  • Forklift traffic after 24 to 36 hours (depending on mil thickness, temperature & humidity)
  • Durable – Chemical Resistant
  • Good Working Time – 25 minutes @ 72°F (121°C) with 50% Ambient Humidity
  • Easy to clean
  • Resistant to Hot Tire Pickup
  • Incidental Hot Liquid Spill Tolerant to 230°F (121°C) when applied over a thermal shock resistant coating system, such as Smith’s CPR products or similar
  • Meets FDA, USDA, CFIA standards for flooring
  • Clear; Accepts Smith’s ISC solid color packs (sold separately)
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