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Smith's Epoxy MAC100

Smith's Epoxy MAC100

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Smith’s Epoxy MAC100 is a solvent free, 2-component 100% solids Osmotic Moisture Vapor / Alkalinity Control Epoxy Primer with high capillary penetration capabilities for absorption into porous substrates at all recommended application temperatures. Epoxy MAC100 suppresses Osmotic moisture vapor transmission levels to an acceptable level (i.e. below 3 lbs. at tested rates up to 25 lbs./14 pH per ASTM F1869 or 100% RH per ASTM F2170) to receive subsequent systems. 

Smith’s Epoxy MAC100 is also suitable for direct adhesion to a variety of substrates, including but not limited to Concrete, properly prepared, well bonded and solid Ceramic/Porcelain/Quarry Tiles, and metal substrates (i.e. Aluminum, Copper, Steel, Zinc, etc.).

May be used as a primer beneath resinous coatings systems, decorative concrete overlays/resurfacers, and self-leveling cementitious underlayments in all common flooring and floor coating application interior environments.
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