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Smith’s Poly PCF-45- low viscosity, fast-setting 2-component solvent-based Polyurethane

Smith’s Poly PCF-45- low viscosity, fast-setting 2-component solvent-based Polyurethane

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Smith’s Poly PCF-45 is a very low viscosity, fast-setting 2-component solvent-based Polyurethane ideally suited for saturating horizontal cracks (non-moving) and to fill spalls/pop-outs, holes, gouges and other surface imperfections in concrete. Convenient 1:1 mix ratio allows for easy mixing and pouring either neat into fine cracks and smaller voids or over sand in larger voids. No primer is necessary. Diamond grind once hard cured.

Smith’s Poly PCF-45 may also be used as a pit grout in concrete polishing process where UV stability is not a concern.

Accepts heavy traffic within an hour at 72°F and 50% humidity, diamond grind in as little as 15 minutes or when hard set.


  • Bonds to Concrete
  • Fills Cracks (non-moving), Spalls, Pop-outs & Voids
  • Freezer & Chiller floor repairs
  • Above, On or Below Grade Applications
  • Suspended Deck Repairs (Parking, Bridge, Catwalks, etc.)
  • Rebuilding Control Joints
  • For Interior & Exterior applications


  • Apply from Feather Edge to any depth (when extended with aggregate)
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Tenacious Bond to properly prepared concrete
  • Good Impact Resistance & Load Transfer
  • Fast Return-to-Service
    • Pot Life = 4 minutes
    • Grind or Wheeled Traffic = When Fully Hard
    • Cures quickly – Even at low application temperatures
    • Accepts subsequent layer once diamond ground smooth
  • Pour Grade – Very thin consistency liquid
  • Suppresses Minor Cracks from Telegraphing
  • Resists Aging & Fatigue
  • Suitable for use over In-floor Radiant Heat systems
  • Low Viscosity – Penetrates Hairline Cracks as well as dry sand or pea stone for deep repairs
  • No Priming Necessary
  • Compliant with VOC Regulations in the following regions: OTC CARB SCAQMD LADCO AIM CANADA
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