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Personalized Digital Flake Flyer

Personalized Digital Flake Flyer

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Sample boards are great to show customers the texture of a full flake application but are not great leave-behinds if customers are still deciding on color/flake blend. A digital file with your logo and contact info can be posted to social media, emailed or texted to customers. And is print-ready! Making it the perfect leave behind. 

If you are ready to take your marketing to the next level but do not want to spend the time making samples of 24 color blends, taking pictures, and creating the file we can help. All we need from you is your contact information and logo (preferably .eps, .ai, but we can see what we can do it you only have .png or .jpeg).

Email your contact information and logo to and in a few days, we will have a personalized double-sided flake flyer that shows our 12 in-stock Torginol flake blends and 12 in-stock enhance flake blends with mica.

*Product images are examples of what we can do

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