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Ol' Loggin

Ol' Loggin Tabletop

Ol' Loggin Tabletop

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The LOGGIN TABLETOP is a two-component epoxy casting system which is VOC-free, 100% solids and is virtually odor free. The product is translucid and displays an excellent resistance to UV irradiation (excellent color retention over time) best suited for residential and commercial applications. It possesses superior mechanical and chemical properties as well as a long pot life and working time. It is excellent as a topcoat on LABPOX CAST UV products (see section, CASTING APPLICATIONS). The LOGGIN TABLETOP formulation is based on a high-performance cycloaliphatic polyamine technology displaying outstanding properties and superior aesthetic finish.


The LOGGIN TABLETOP provides excellent resistance for the most demanding applications: ● River tables ● Countertop resurfacing ● Casting applications ● Furnitures ● Wood crafting Advantages ● Offering one of best UV resistance in the industry ● Environment friendly (100% solids, VOC-free and no solvent) ● Potential for LEED eligibility ● Virtually odor free ● Easy application with long pot life and working time (60 minutes) ● Ideal for metallic epoxy countertop resurfacing systems and other wood crafting. ● Good elongation and excellent abrasion resistance ● High resistance to amine blush and contamination (fisheyes) ● Excellent for letting out bubbles, even for thick layers ● Superior mechanical and chemical properties ● Impermeability / low moisture sensitivity ● High density of the product prevents dirt penetration resulting in low maintenance post application

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