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Manufacturer: EPOXY2U LLC
Location: Fullerton, California, USA

E2U metallic pigments allows you to easily add reflective metallic color to your clear Metallic Epoxy to create beautiful, high gloss metallic epoxy finishes. E2U Metallic Pigment comes in an array of color choices, enabling the end user to have limitless possibilities when combined with our Metallic Epoxy Resin. Colors can also be mixed to create endless combinations


For optimum color effects, a black base coat is recommended before applying your choice of metallic color. 2oz, 16oz, and 32oz quantities available. If desired, simply add less pigment to achieve a more translucent color. Although the recommended epoxy to mix our metallic pigments, is the E2U Metallic Epoxy. Our metallic pigments are also compatible with many other epoxies, urethanes, and polyaspartics.


  • Ultra-High Performance
  • For Interior and Garage Floors
  • Adds to E2U Metallic Epoxy
  • 20 Vibrant Metallic Colors
  • Completely CustomizableMetallic Pigment Color Chart

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