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EH Ryflex Roll-On Waterproof Membrane

EH Ryflex Roll-On Waterproof Membrane

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Ryflex is a highly versatile and functional roll-on water-proof membrane that imparts exceptional water-proofing, flexibility and weathering advantages to many existing surfaces.Ryflex is an easy-to-use, single component, zero VOC, water-based / water clean-up coating that exhibits excellent bonding power on concrete, concrete block and wood – as well as tile backer board, drywall, fiberglass decking, primed metal and plastic. As a superior moisture and stain-blocking material – with outstanding ability to span seams and cracks – Ryflex is also excellent for concrete coatings on stem walls and stairs. Ryflex delivers extreme flexibility up to 800%. Resilience is maintained even in sub-zero temperatures as low as -15ºF (-26ºC).

Multiple Uses:

Ryflex is an excellent solution wherever added protection from water and vapor are desired:

  • Textured Floor and Wall finishes where a water-proof underlayment membrane is desired
  • Flooring Underlayment protective water-proof membrane prior to tile and hardwood
  • Wood – part of a water-proof deck coating system
  • Basement Walls – blocks water vapor transmission
  • Adhesion Promoter for smooth interior concrete
  • Shower Enclosures – and more
  • Balconies – to halt moisture transmission
  • Foundation Walls below grade

Available Grades: Interior and Exterior

Uses: Interior and exterior applications on concrete, concrete block, plywood, drywall, tile, tile backer board, fiberglass decking, etc. As a pliable water-proof membrane, Ryflex is used to block intrusion of liquid water, as well as transmission of moisture vapor and stains.

Packaging: Available in:  5-gallon 

Yield: Varies with substrate conditions and application method/thickness. Typical coverage ranges:

AS AN ADHESION PROMOTER: 150 sq.ft. per gallon (two coats recommended) AS A WATER-PROOF COATING: 80 sq.ft. per gallon. Apply two coats for a final dry thickness between 30 - 40 mils.

 Ryflex Performance Features...

  • excellent adhesion
  • excellent water and vapor blocking
  • up to 800% elongation
  • spans cracks and seams
  • stays flexible in sub-zero temperatures
  • blocks stain transmission
  • water submersible
  • Does not support mold growth
  • fast dry time (30 - 60 minutes)
  • paintable
  • roller or spray application
  • ready to apply
  • water-based / water clean-up

Surface Preparation:

Surface must be clean and dry, stable and free from spalling, efflorescence, dust, dirt, oils, surface flaking, sawdust, poorly bonded or glossy paint, sealers, salts and other contaminants which may affect adhesion and product performance. Surface defects should be repaired prior to coating. 

New concrete: must be allowed a minimum of 30 days cure time prior to application of Ryflex. New masonry surfaces: should be allowed to cure a minimum of 48 hours prior to application. Exterior surfaces should be power washed to clear any surface contaminants. Acid Etching: is only required on concrete/masonry surfaces which are new or efflorescent. Follow with thorough power washing for effective removal of all etching/acid residues. interior concrete surfaces: scrub with Concrete Cleaner/TSP (trisodium phosphate) solution followed by thorough rinsing / wet vacuuming. For wood floor surfaces: Lightly scuff the surface with 80 grit sandpaper, and vacuum ALL dust. DO NOT INTRODUCE WATER TO WOOD.

Mixing: Thoroughly stir Ryflex prior to application.

Application Tools: Ryflex Water-Proof Membrane may be applied by brush, roller or airless spray equipment.

ROLLER APPLICATIONS: use a 3/8” or 1/2” pile roller.

AIRLESS SPRAY APPLICATIONS: 800 psi recommended. Compression rate of 28:1 with a 0.025” tip. Width of the fan spray should be 8”. Where dilution is required, an addition of water not exceeding 5% is allowed.

Application: Ryflex should be applied in two coats 2 to 4 hours apart at right angles to each other to ensure thorough coverage. Optimal final application thickness for water-proofing purposes is approximately 30 - 40 dry mils (1/16” - 3/32”). Spray applications can generally achieve thicknesses of 30 - 40 wet mils PER COAT. Ambient temperatures should not be less than 50º F (10º C), and should not exceed 95ºF (35º C) during application and for a continuous period of at least 24 hours after application. Not recommended for use on concrete subject to hydrostatic pressure. Check adhesion quality on the intended substrate by applying to a small sample area before starting the job.

Below-Grade Concrete: Two thick coats required for a final dry film thickness between 30 - 40 mils (1/16” – 3/32”). Allow 48 hours to cure prior to backfilling.

Plywood Flooring (INTERIOR): Two thick coats required for a final dry film thickness between 30 - 40 mils (1/16” – 3/32”) embedded into the first wet coat of Ryflex along seams, followed by one or two top coats.

Interior Concrete Basement Walls: Two coats recommended for a final dry film thickness between 30 - 40 mils (1/16” – 3/32”).

Exterior Plywood Decks: two coats are required. Fiber Mesh Tape (3” minimum width) must be imbedded into a generous wet coat of Ryflex along seams. See specific instructions for details.

Cure Time: Dry to touch in 60 minutes, depending on atmospheric conditions. Protect coated surfaces for 6-8 hours prior to exposure to rain or heavy condensation. In dry, warmer conditions product cure is complete in 24 hours. In cooler weather (45º - 50º F) allow 48 hours for curing prior to application of top coats.

Clean Up: Equipment can be cleaned with soap and water prior to cure of the material.

Precautions: In case of contact with eyes, flood eyes repeatedly with potable water and call a physician. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Do not take internally. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Keep

container closed. Do not use in the presence of unprotected foodstuffs. Keep product from freezing. Products which have been frozen must be discarded. Dispose of unused material in accordance with local, state and federal guidelines.

Physical Properties:

Color: Gray

Opacity – Semi-Translucent

PH – 8.9 - 9.2

Viscosity, cps† 19,000 – 21,000

Wt./Gallon (lb.) – 9.3

Performance Data:

Permeability ASTM E-96 – 0.011

Tensile Strength ASTM D-638 – Up to 549 p.s.i.

Elongation Percentage - 550 to 820%

12-Week Shear Strength (M5.6) – 388 psi

Hydrostatic Resistance – ASTM D-751 Procedure B

7-Day Water Immersion – 150 psi

7-Day Shear Strength (M5.3) – 200 psi

100-Day Water Immersion – 196 psi

Stain Testing – 0% penetration

Microorganism Resistance – no mold growth

Damp-Proofing (M4.5) – no penetration after 48 hrs

Seam Strength – 10.3 lb./in. width

Break Strength (M4.3) – 401 psi 220 psi

Dimensional Stability (M4.4) – 0.70% length change

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