EH Glass Bead - Anti Skid for Gloss Applications

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EH Glass Beads are a round hemispherical glass traction aggregate for use as an additive in and/or broadcast over Smith’s Sealers & Topcoats for slip-resistance in areas with minimal traction improvement requirements subject to frequent dust mopping.  This traction aggregate does not yield a harsh, jagged texture (as compared to other traction additives, such as EH Resin Sand, Aluminum Oxide, Polypropylene bead, etc.) making EH Glass Beads an option for more decorative topcoat applications like Airplane Hangars, Metallic & Luster, interior decorative concrete in retail settings, etc. which only require a mild to moderate traction additive due to the traffic and environment.  Yields the least reduction to gloss vs. other traction aggregates.  Intended for use in commercial, retail & pool decks, healthcare, Veterinary / Kennels, and more.