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Epoxy Crack Filler, EH Fast Crack Filler

Epoxy Crack Filler, EH Fast Crack Filler

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The EPOXY CRACK FILLER is a two-component gel epoxy crack repair system, 100% solids and odorless. It has been designed to repair cracks, holes and other surface imperfections. The product is easy to use and can be easily applied on horizontal and vertical surfaces. It also offers a long working time but cures very quickly allowing the installation of the base coat or primer a few minutes after the application of the EPOXY CRACK FILLER. Compatible with the EH100 and EH Poly 85 products.

Mix Ratio



2 US Gallon Kits


Part A:white, Part B: black, A&B: light grey



Shelf Life

One year, in original unopened factory pails under normal storage conditions

Application temp.

Min 50 degrees F, Max 86 degrees F

Cure Time

Working time

30 min

71.6 degrees and 30% Rel. Hum.

Tack Free

2 hours

71.6 degrees and 30% Rel. Hum.

Solids Content

100 %

VOC Content



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