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Chem Proof Rapid

Chem Proof Rapid

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CHEM PROOF RAPID™ is 100% solids, 0 VOC, two-component epoxy resin-based primer specifically designed as a moisture barrier for concrete floors with very high residual moisture prior to laying floor coverings, coatings, or parquet.

Packaging 3 GAL
Color Part A Part B Mix
Black Amber Black/Grey
Shelf Life 12 months in original unopened factory sealed containers. Store in dry cool place between 10 and 32 °C (50 and 89 °F). Keep away from extreme cold, heat or moisture. Keep out of direct sunlight and away from fire hazards
Mix Ratio, by volume A: B-2:1
Solids Content 100%
Pot Life (100 g @ 25 °C) 5 minutes
Working Time 15 minutes
Tack Free 2-3 hours @ (70°F)
Pedestrian 12 hours @ (70°F)
Traffic 24 hours @ (70°F)
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