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Zirconia’s CeramycGuardTM is a concrete surface coating that uses nano-Alumina and
Zirconia Silicates to renew and preserve concrete surfaces. This new technology inhibits
attack from water, chlorides, carbonation, biological infection, and sulfates that are the
main causes of concrete decay. A LEED 4.2 compliant material, CeramycGuardTM
provides superior performance properties while maintaining ease of application
• Penetrating Chemical Adhesion • UV Immune
• Will Not Chalk, Peel, or Disbond • Biologically Impervious®

• Commercial & Industrial floors
• Food Storage & Processing
• Meat Processing
• Animal Husbandry
• Parking garages (deck and walls)
• Agriculture & Dairy
• Precast Products (slabs, pipes)
• Cinderblock Walls
• Bridges (beams, piers/
• Loading Docks
• Seawalls & Wharfs
• Dams
• Storm Drains
• Tanks
• Tunnels
• Wastewater Treatment
• Water Treatment
• Greenhouses (walls and floors)
• Retaining and Sound Barrier

Informational Video Below

CeramycGuard — The Coating Which Ends Concrete Corrosion - YouTube